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First Step.

The Discovery Phase

You’ve come across Functional Patterns and you want to know if it’s right for you.

You might have seen something on Instagram, heard about us from a friend or stumbled upon this website on Google.

Functional patterns is a big lifestyle shift for many people.

Because it addresses root causes, it digs deep into various habits and lifestyle choices that you may currently have.

If you are looking for a quick fix, run the other way.

If you are ready to implement lasting changes that will serve you indefinitely, Functional Patterns is for you.  

There isn’t much to learn about Functional Patterns from the outside because it is so individualized.

Your session may look entirely different to another person's.

Because of this, the best way to learn about Functional Patterns is to schedule a consultation with one of our practitioners for tailored advice about our health and training protocols.

There are, however, a few basic fundamental principles that we follow.

We will delve into these below.

Your First Conversation

From your very first consultation, you will be dealing with a Biomechanics Professional who will be able to provide you with advice based upon your specific circumstances and needs.

Because training with Functional Patterns is a medium-long term endeavor, it is important to identify whether we are a good fit.

That does not depend on the severity of your condition as much as it depends on your mindset and drive to get better.

After your consultation, you will have a strong idea of how we would tackle your specific goals and can make a much more informed decision.

Now For The Exciting Part!

Your Initial Assessment

When we move dysfunctionally, our body adapts.

It is these adaptations that cause pain, dysfunctions and malformations.

Because of this fact, we know that dysfunctional movement is the root cause of most of our problems.

This is why we use the gait cycle as our primary diagnostic/assessment tool.

Whether you’re an elite athlete or an office worker, you’ll be hitting the treadmill for your initial assessment.

If you are in too much pain to run, you can walk at whatever pace is possible for you.

We also take postural photos to look at how your movement has affected your standing posture.

These before photos will also be a great benchmark for your many improvements to come.

We will then take the gait cycle footage and play it back in slow motion.

We will compare it with high performing sprinters to identify the main areas of dysfunction.

For example, you may not be rotating to the left as much as you are to the right, or your hip may be dropping on the left because of a disengaged core.

Once we have identified the main pain points in your gait cycle and standing neutral, we will break these down into personalised exercises that target these very specific weak points.

These exercises will aim to increase your strength, even out your rotations, rehydrate your connective tissue/fascia and bring over-all connectivity and symmetry to the way you interact with gravity and the floor.

We will also discuss various lifestyle factors that could be contributing to your issues such as diet and stress management.
Your First Few Sessions

During your first 10 sessions or so, you will be learning new movements and techniques that will most likely feel completely foreign to you.

We will be focusing greatly on ratios, coordination and muscle tension.

Every movement you do will be heavily queued, meaning you will be moving slowly through motions while your biomechanics specialist tells you very specific adjustments that they want you to make throughout the course of each movement.

These include tilting, shifting and rotating to turn on the correct muscles and to ensure as much symmetry and safety as possible.

Once You Get The Hang Of Things…

After about 10 sessions or so you’ll likely have a firm grasp on the concepts and an improved mind-body connection.

At this point, you’ll have a colorful repertoire of exercises and strategies under your belt.

You’ll be feeling much more connection within your body and as a result, you’ll be more coordinated and confident with your workouts and daily movements.

It will also be a lot easier to respond to queues and you’ll have a better understanding of the terms we use to describe your body moving in space.

At this point, momentum will take hold and things should be coming together.

You’ll eventually begin to notice changes in you health, posture, movement and pain.

Your Result!

At Cleveland Biomechanics, we are all about results.

From the minute you step in the door, we assume that it is only a matter of time before you achieve an incredible before and after result.

In fact, getting a jaw-dropping result is just another part of our standard process.

We don’t just change posture and fix chronic pain.

You can expect to see changes in your body composition, mindset, stress-management, dietary choices, muscle tone and much more - IF you put in the work.

Most of the Functional Patterns results you see have taken 3 months to 3 years to achieve.

The fact is, the time is going to pass anyways.

In the next couple of years will you be thanking yourself for making massive, functional changes… or will you be wishing you had done something?

Addressing Your Whole System.

Functional Patterns gets incredible results by addressing systems rather than symptoms.

You may come to us with a painful shoulder and slumped posture, but that isn’t what we see.

We look at the many factors that got you to that point and we start strategically rewinding the clock to pre-dysfunction times.

This image illustrates the primary things we target with you every day, week and month to get you feeling vibrant, robust and functional.

How Do You Get The Most Out Of Your Training?

People who get the best results with Functional Patterns truly immerse themselves in the protocol and the experience.

Functional Patterns is extremely holistic, and people find that removing various other therapies, where possible, to focus on their Functional Patterns Protocol works the best.

We will address your nutrition, stress, mindset, rehabilitation and exercise all at the same time.

Most people think it's motivation that will get themselves to their desired goals, when in reality, motivation is a temporary dopamine rush that burns out fast.

It is discipline that will get you to where you want to go in life.

Discipline and being consistent is how you can maximize your results with Functional Patterns.

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