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When you join The Bar Athletics family as a new member, and you are at the beginning stages of your fitness journey, you will start with our Foundations Program.

The top goal of our Foundations Program is to prevent injuries from occurring. For us to reduce the risk of injury, you will be educated by a professional coach based on your body, experience, and capabilities and instructed on how to perform the movements correctly.

These personal sessions will prime your body to progress into more complex dynamic and

explosive movements without experiencing injury.

The “fundamentals” of Functional Patterns involves correcting your posture through various techniques like

joint stacking, active spinal decompression, diaphragmatic breathing, and re-tensioning.

Movement Assessment

During this comprehensive 1 hour assessment, you will share, learn, grow and start applying new methods to increase full body awareness during exercise. The assessment process includes the following:

  • a comprehensive Q and A
  • sharing your why and discussing your personal fitness goals
  • learning about your structural alignment and joint stacking
  • learning about your movement restrictions
  • how to apply deep core engagement
  • how to apply breathing mechanics
  • how to transition a healthy structural alignment into fundamental movements
  • how to make personal modifications specific to your needs

At the end of the mobility assessment, the trainer will provide you with a professional training recommendation based on your performance, current status and overall goals.

What to expect

During each session, you will be exposed to and become familiar with the types of movements and workouts you will perform in a group class or personal training setting. Each movement will be explained in-depth and you will be provided modifications that will allow you to perform movements based on your current skills and capabilities.

After reviewing how to perform an exercise, you will, perhaps most importantly, learn the “why” behind each movement. This deeper understanding provides encouragement to build solid training habit

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